Join us to explore the world of diplomacy in Washington, D.C.’s international community. Develop cross-cultural negotiation and teambuilding skills. Our programs use simulations developed by the State Department’s “National Museum of American Diplomacy to help participants develop high-level, real-life communications skills and engage some of the world’s most pressing issues. In simulations, small groups of two to four students represent a “stakeholder” in multiple rounds of negotiations. Stakeholders include NGOs, national governments, multilateral organizations, United Nations representatives, and non-state actors.

WCIE Exploring Diplomacy programs also engage the Washington, D.C. international community directly. Participants have opportunities to meet with diplomats and NGO professionals, offering students insight into how diplomacy and international affairs really work.

Some programs offer high school students the opportunity to earn Student Service Learning (SSL) credit hours. For more information see details about our programs Youth Facing the Global Refugee and Migration Crisis and Youth Facing the Global Freshwater Crisis.

Diplomacy Simulation


WCIE Exploring Diplomacy programs bring together American and international students that share an interest in the world. Programs feature small group discussions and interactive, experiential learning. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of these programs is the opportunity to engage with one’s peers from around the world–perhaps foreshadowing students’ future work in the public and private sectors, pursuing solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.


Our programs also offer an unusual opportunity for American and international students to engage directly and substantively on issues such as migration, environment, border security, peacebuilding, and intellectual property infringement. These issues offer opportunities for conflict or collaboration. Join us to explore how a diplomatic spirit and practical cross-cultural communications skills can achieve results.

For More Information

Prep sessions for programs are held online or are hosted by WCIE partner English Now! in Bethesda, Maryland, and diplomacy simulations are held at the U.S. Department of State’s National Museum of American Diplomacy.

We will announce dates for new programs as soon as the Department of State restarts in-person simulations - we eagerly await this moment and hope it happens in early 2023! For more information and to stay informed about dates for new program offerings, email us or ask at English Now!

Diplomacy Simulation