Join Us to Support Students and Families in International Education

We thank you for your interest in the Washington Center for International Education. We look forward to meeting you and hope you can join our programs. We are often asked how people can support what we do. If you are interested not only in joining our programs but also in supporting our mission, we invite you to consider the following:

Some of our activities and programs require volunteer support. Please let us know if you may be interested in supporting one of our programs (for students, parents, or educators), and we will be glad to update you about current and future events. (NOTE: All volunteers must provide references and complete a background check.)

Program Support
We are always hoping to find support for programs that will extend our impact in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. The issues we address are of crucial importance to primary, secondary,  schools and higher education, as well as to the international families and students we serve.

We invite you to consider supporting programs including the following:

Scholarships for Student Programs – Our programs bring together diverse groups of students for engaging experiences and honest conversation. Please contact us if you’d like to provide support for partial or full scholarships for students whose families cannot fully support their participation.

Support for Educator Programs focusing on International Students’ Mental Health and Special Needs Issues – Educators in American primary, secondary, and higher education often struggle to address the mental health and special needs issues of international students. Policies, processes, and communications protocols that work for American students often break down when dealing with internationals. Culture and language issues complicate institutions’ efforts to support international students and families.

Scholarships for Family/Parent Workshops – Let us know if you would be willing to support families' participation in our workshops. We are glad to target support to families or students with backgrounds that match donors' interests and priorities.

Survey Research on International Students; Experience in Cultural, Social, and Emotional Transitions – WCIE conducts survey research and assessments of students and parents. We are committed to deepening our understanding of international education and providing thought leadership on the topic of international education.


Core Support

Finally, please contact us if you share our vision of a focused effort to support international students, their families, and the educators that serve them. We take a long-term view of these issues— even amid the urgent short-term need to clearly reemphasize our country's welcome of top students from around the world. We'd love to talk to you about your vision for international education, and we're open to deep collaboration with individuals and organizations.