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Our goal through service learning programs is to connect the Washington, D.C. area international community to the local community--and in so doing to build a better-shared life together. WCIE organizes small group community service activities in and around Washington, D.C. We offer volunteer orientations that help international students better understand, appreciate, and benefit from their community service. Some volunteers may be less experienced and may require a careful explanation of the activity at hand. Other volunteers may have been in the United States for longer periods of time and have stronger English language proficiency, but may still benefit from an explanation of the cultural context of their volunteer efforts. Groups are small, to ensure that the volunteering experience is a good one.In addition, WCIE organizes community service activities in which American adults and students engage with and serve international students and international residents of the area. It is our hope that our activities knit the fabric of our community together, weaving us together with a shared, common purpose.
Student Service Learning (SSL) Programs for International Teens. WCIE is recognized by the Montgomery County Volunteer Center and the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Our Student Service Learning (SSL) programs for international teens offer volunteer opportunities with organizations such as Bethesda Sunrise Senior Living, Bethesda Cares, and Spend Yourself Food Pantry. See here for information regarding WCIE SSL Programs generally, and to register online.
SSL Programs for Teens, and Community Service for Adults, at the MCPS Rocking Horse Road Center. In addition, WCIE offers volunteer opportunities for adults as well as SSL programs for American and international teens at the MCPS Rocking Horse Road Center in Rockville, Maryland. MCPS’s Rocking Horse Road Center is where all newly-arrived international MCPS students register for classes, complete ESOL and other assessments, and prepare necessary documentation. MCPS will welcome approximately 5000 new international students through the Rocking Horse Road Center this year. WCIE volunteers at the MCPS Rocking Horse Road Center will staff a “Welcome Table” during the summer “busy season.” Volunteers will help guide international students and their families through required registration activities. Help us welcome the world to Montgomery! For more information about the MCPS Rocking Horse Road Center volunteer opportunity, click here and to register for WCIE Information Sessions and mandatory MCPS Training Sessions here.Come serve with us, help us connect the international and local communities, and (for teens) earn SSL community service credits!We thank our community service partner English Now!, a private English language school in downtown Bethesda, which hosts our volunteer orientations. If you have any questions about our volunteer opportunities or about how to register, please email us!