We take a disciplined and research-based approach to understanding the experiences of international students in the United States. Please see the following, some of the resources most worth sharing, and register here to receive further information as it is posted as well as our own analysis and commentary over time.

Data and Trends

SEVIS by the Numbers

This report, updated twice a year, provides the most recent data on F-1 and M-1 visa study in the U.S. The most recent full report is here   Raw data for March 2017 is available here

IIE Open Doors

This report, conducted each year by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and supported by a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, is the best, comprehensive annual compilation of postsecondary international education in the U.S. See here

IIE Report on High School Enrollment Trends

A somewhat dated but useful report on international high school students in the U.S., “Charting new pathways to higher education: International secondary students in the United States,” is available here

Survey Research & Analysis

Brookings Institution Brown Center Survey

This 2017 survey of foreign exchange students' views of American education provides interesting perspective, see here

Purdue Survey of Chinese Student Experience

This 2016 survey of provides insight into Chinese college students' experience in the U.S., see here

Some of Our Favorite Commentary

Culture Shock and Loneliness

This heart-wrenching piece points out that 40% of international students have no close friends on campus, see here

The Parachute Generation

This New York Times Magazine feature tells the story of the ever-younger generation of Chinese students studying in the United States. See here