WCIE organizes small groups of international students to engage in community service activities in and around Washington, D.C. Groups of students are small, to ensure that the volunteering experience is a good one. In addition, we offer volunteer orientations that help international students better understand, appreciate, and benefit from their community service. Some volunteers may be less experienced students that may require a careful explanation of the activity at hand. Other volunteers may have been in the United States for longer periods of time and may have stronger English language proficiency, but may still benefit from an explanation of the cultural context of their volunteer efforts.

Our goal is to connect the Washington, D.C. area international community to the local community--and in so doing to build a better-shared life together.

WCIE is an official partnering organization for the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (https://montgomerycountymd.galaxydigital.com/agency/detail/?agency_id=92808&fbclid=IwAR23hek5DFCApjjGdkiw6vnh6fDRcTorvSZ1bmH8T7u9U6tQcPIoYFf6ILU). Come volunteer with us and receive community service credits!  We partners and holds volunteer orientations at English Now!, a private English language school in downtown Bethesda.